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Kevin Williams


I have been taking Force Factor for 3 years now, and received amazing results! By far Force Factor has the very best products on the market! I'm healthier, wiser and most of all stronger than ever. I have served in the US Army for 27 years & I'm 45 years old. Force Factor takes my workouts to another level! Try it for yourself, and you can thank me later! #forcefactorrocks

Factor 2

Test X180

William Hackler


WOW!!!! I'm 62 years old, a former body builder, and former user of steroids. I just started working out again after a 10 year hiatus. I've suffered from many injuries during my workout years, all the way to a broken vertebrae in C5 and C6. I've also had surgeries on ulnar nerve damage. With the help of all the Force Factor products, I’ve been working out on a 5-day routine and getting really good pumps with little soreness. I am taking no days off until I get some more results. The only way I could do this is with your products. In closing, I want to thank you for all you are allowing me to do. There’s nothing better than being old but feeling young because of grit and great products. Thanks again.

Test X180 Ignite

Test X180 Alpha



Don Lilja


Since trying Test X180 Ignite, I have had an increase in my energy and strength. This is evident when I play golf, as I do not fade in the last few holes, thus my scores are better and I enjoy the game much more. My libido is better too… and long lasting.

Test X180 Ignite

Raymond Garcia


I felt amazing. In all the years I’ve been working out and trying a combination of different creatine and protein powder, I've never felt the way I did after taking the sample of Test X180. It's the best I've ever felt. And the energy and strength it gave me made me feel like Superman. My wife was like “What did you take honey?” I told her it was the sample of Test X180 she ordered for me from Force Factor. I'm very happy and so is my wife because this product has helped me in my workouts and my sex life. Thank you so much Force Factor!

Test X180

Kelly Ashcraft


I started taking VolcaNO a little over a month ago and the effects are astounding. I'm a 60 year old blacksmith and have been swinging a hammer for a living for more years than I can count. Since starting VolcaNO I am in better shape with far more definition and fewer muscle pains than I've had in 20 years. This stuff is great. I highly recommend it for anyone who exercises or works hard. Especially bodybuilders.


Tom M


I am 74 and Test X180 has worked wonders for me. I've seen a real improvement in my sex drive and the results are great for this old man. Thank you for the sample. This product is the answer for senior men.

Test X180

Dwan Johnson


I ordered the sample bottle of this stuff before going on vacation. When I returned, I started using it after compiling a plan to get in better shape. I have to say that I was surprised at the level of energy and endurance that it provided. Recovery is much faster and the fact that I can get a little pain each time I train helps to target and fine tune my training routine, not to mention the response from the different muscle groups. I recommend it to those who are really trying to make a point in the gym.


Jeremy Fairbanks


It's a fact this product works. I positively felt the difference just after taking TestX180. I had a considerable difference in my energy level. I feel like I'm in my prime once again. Lifting weights I could definitely perform better than I could before taking Test X180. My wife loves the man I am in bed. People I run into everyday all have asked what it is that I am doing. I have told the I owe it to Force Factor's Test X180. I will be ordering a monthly supply. Thank you Force Factor!

Test X180

Ken Merryman


Well i haven't had a chance to test it out in the bedroom yet as i am 68 and it is hard to find a woman that I really want to spend the rest of my life with..but I will add I like the drive that it gives me during the day and my weight loss as that is what i was looking for at the time i ordered the product. I want to keep my muscle tone and it does give me the drive for exercise..best product I have found so far. Thank you.

Test X180 Ignite

Blake Enyart


I started taking Force Factor Test X180 at first I didn't notice a significant change… I continued to make a fool of myself at the Gym… Skinny 127 pound 6'1 21 year old guy. What drew me to X180 was the fact that it claimed it would raise my free testosterone… Higher levels mean more muscle and fast… In the past month and a half I have packed on 15 pounds now weighing in close to 140 pounds. Family members point out how much larger my arms look and how toned I am… I have never felt this good before with confidence and my health also! And things in the bedroom have never been exciting girls I had been dating off at college would have to ask for “bedroom fun” I never had a large sex drive… But now… lets just say me and my girl never have a boring night! My sex drive is great, I'm able to last much much longer also which was a huge bonus for me! Im so excited about lifting now and look forward to hitting the gym drinking my Force Factor BRX pre workout before I lift powers me through these! Thank you Force Factor for your dedication to making great health products!

Test X180

Garry Zimmerman


I felt something enough to want to buy more and see what happens if I took it for longer. I think you have something here.

Test X180

Stan Wright


Experience with Force Factor products off and on for appx 1 1/2 yrs - 2 years…starting to be more consistent with workouts and more consistent taking the products now. I tend to get lazy during my workouts. Force Factor products act like a workout partner screaming at you to keep going. Bottom Line: These products work! BRX: Feel energy surge and power of creatine, like I can lift the gym within first 20 mins of taking it. Test X180, Force Factor and Factor 2: Taking these products gave me 5 - 10 more reps instantly. Sustained energy, strength, and amazing pumps that stay with you all day, if you take these products consistently. These products may benefit you sexually as well (my opinion), I sense, see and feel a difference anyway in the private region. These products help increase free testosterone and expand blood vessels to increase blood flow. So, makes sense, right. Try the products, find the stack that works for you, and you shouldn't be disappointed. Also, recommend getting plenty of rest, eat plenty of high quality foods, and drink lots of water to max the benefits of the products... Cheers!


Test X180

Force Factor

Factor 2

Karl Lange


I ordered the free sample of Test X180 Ignite to try and sat on it without opening it. I finally decided to give it a try and am so happy I did. I feel better, have more energy, and a clearer mind than I did when I was in my 20's. My bedroom drive rivals my drive at 18. I am a true believer in Test X180 Ignite and already have 15 friends ordering theirs.

Test X180 Ignite

Joe Bracken


VolcaNO is a great supplement. I'm on a journey to get back in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. This product does give you a bigger pump and more strength to get through your workout. I have been able to seriously increase the weight on my reps and definitely have quicker recovery between them. It also gives you a clear head and energy to focus on what you're doing. I would recommend this to anyone and have already. Great stuff!


Jonathan Fernandez


My experience with Force Factor products has been amazing. I started using Body Rush because of its effectiveness as a pre-workout. That is one of the products that keeps me going after the first 5 minutes of consumption. Another product that has been with me is the Ketobolic Pro fat burner, because it does the work that it was designed to do...period. Another strong point is that it comes with a mild dose of caffeine so it does not give me headaches or make me feel like my head is going to explode. PERFORMANCE PROTEIN was an awesome addition to my stack. It has a VERY TASTY and delicious flavor that I used for my breakfast several months with some fiber crackers. The texture is thick and excellent to make in water like a pudding and the best thing was that it kept me full until lunch time (After 5 or 6 hours). One of the best products of the pack is Test X180 Alpha, with real results after the first week of consumption. Confidence, strength, endurance and a better sense of well being overall are the benefits I experienced with this magnificent product. Force Factor products work and are number 1 in my book. I'm a bodybuilder and a Data Center Technician and the products not only helped me to perform well at the gym but also at my job. As I always say, stacking great products gives you the edge over everyone else, and that is something the young guns have to learn to maximize their gains.

Ketobolic Pro

Performance Protein

Test X180 Alpha

Thomas Paynter


I have been using Force Factor products for over a year and half and I have made considerable progress. I love Force Factor products because Force Factor only uses top of the line ingredients in all of their products and no banned substances. Force Factor products are both safe and effective. I used Force Factor Ketobolic Pro, Test X180, BRX, and Performance Protein to lose over 20 lbs last year.

Ketobolic Pro

Test X180


Performance Protein

Scott Glasser


Having used almost every Force Factor product, I can honestly say I have seen improvements in workouts with Body Rush, cherry limeade being my favorite, and Test X180 and Test X180 Alpha as natural testosterone boosters. Body Rush (original) is one of the best pre-workouts I've used to this date. It has a perfect balance of energy that lasts and pumps. Mixing in a few Force Factor capsules enhances the pumps. With Test X810 and Test X180 Alpha you notice instantly a difference in workouts, recovery and vascularity. The line is definitely full of some solid products.

Test X180

Test X180 Alpha

Force Factor

Robert Eastman


This product works. I've been out of the Marines 19 years - hadn't worked out since. In two weeks' time, I've built my arms, shoulders and abs to the condition they were in at time of my exit from the Marines. I wish I took pictures to prove this. Thanks Force Factor, your Factor 2 works.

Factor 2

Juan Mendoza


For years I would try all kinds of products and the very first time I tried Force Factor products I was completely amazed with the strength it gave me. I highly recommended it.

Tim Paynter


Over the past two years I have used every product that Force Factor offers at least once. I swear by Force Factor’s products, they offer something for everyone no matter your fitness goals. I stick with Force Factor products because I have used them with tremendous success and haven’t been disappointed yet. Watermelon BRX is hands down the best tasting pre-­workout I have ever used and it works great to deliver a nice clean energy throughout my entire workout without the crash that similar products cause. Factor 2 is great for increased endurance when performing conditioning exercises and for an insane pump in the gym. I also enjoy Performance Protein; the 7 protein blend works perfectly for my recovery needs. I will stand by this company and their products for as long as I’m training.


Factor 2

Performance Protein

Paul Ruiz


This week will be six weeks on Test X180 and I noticed gains in strength by either using the weight I had been with more reps, or bumping up the weight as much as 10 lbs and keeping the same rep range. I have also started to notice my arms and shoulders have begun to lean out and have a tighter look to them. I'm excited about any future results that are on the way. I had used two other test boosters before TestX180 and I believe I will be sticking to this product.

Test X180

Kiomar A.


Taking the pills before a workout, I can really feel my muscles especially while lifting weights. I could definitely tell I had an extra boost of energy. Honestly, I cannot wait to keep taking Test X180 Ignite. After using the sample, I would not think twice about buying a full bottle. I was so happy, I told my friends and family about it.

Test X180 Ignite

Walter H.


When I started taking Test X180 Ignite, I felt the difference in my energy levels. I was motivated to work out. I started to see a difference in my clothes and felt more confident. Test X180 Ignite saved my life and made me feel like a million bucks!

Test X180 Ignite

Allan F.


After using Test X180 for just one week, I noticed a significant increase in my energy level, stamina, and sex drive. I usually have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, but I’ve been up every morning at 6:30—two hours earlier than usual. I regularly hit a wall around 4:00 in the afternoon and like to take a nap every day. But not this week. I felt strong and alert all day. The best part is, Test X180 has allowed me to be far more productive at my everyday tasks.

Test X180

George Bowman


I'm 40 years old, and I have taken a lot of different workout supplements over the years and nothing has given me the tone and definition that Force Factor has. In my opinion, Force Factor is the workout supplement I've been looking for my whole life. A loyal customer for life, George B.

Force Factor

MJ Jaranilla


I've just starting taking Factor 2 and I'm getting extreme results in my breathing and cardio. My workouts and my reps are really improving and I'm seeing fewer burnouts. I've taken a lot of supplements, but Factor 2 is really doing it for me and my lifestyle. I'm close to my 40s, but my body feels like I'm 20 again. If you haven't taken Factor 2, I think you should start.

Factor 2

Richard Nimtz


I was unable to take Force Factor due to conflicts with other drugs I take for my heart. I contacted the company about a return of an unopened package. I got complete instructions. I received an e-mail restating those instructions. I received an e-mail when the package was receive at the shipping point. I received a phone call that a credit to my credit card had been issued. That is the BEST customer Service I have received from any company, ever !!!!!

Lawrence Canfield


I am 23 and I started taking Force Factor about a year ago, I was doing p90x before and the workouts were too hard. After I started taking Force Factor, I would not only finish the workout but I would then be looking for something else to do. I love Force Factor. When I started I weighed 350 pounds and I’m now down to 232 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life. p90x and Force Fctor saved my life...thanks.

Force Factor

Ryan McKinney


Impressive results! I am 21 years old and everytime I use Force Factor, I get an intense boost of energy from my workouts. I hate running. But taking Force Factor, I feel like I could run a marathon! What's also so great about Force Factor is the customer service team behind it. Overall, my satisfaction as a Force Factor customer is 110%! Wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you FF team for being flexible with your customers!

Force Factor

Doug Hughes


I am 32 and I haven't been in the gym for five years. A week ago I joined the gym and got Force Factor. I dreaded the soreness part of first lifting again. Well, with Force Factor it has been amazing!! Hardly any soreness. Recovery time is unreal! and what amazes me the most is I increased my bench a hundred pounds in only a week!!

Force Factor

Zach Morgan


Force Factor is the real deal. Due to my lack of energy and stamina in the weight room I lost motivation and confidence. With force factor I go twice as long in the gym. My recovery from these workouts are speedy and the results are noticed!

Force Factor

Rob Luckett


Just good clean energy. No jitters, or crashes. It's tough to even describe the feeling I get when I'm using Body Rush. Other supplements bring me up and then bring me down just as fast, but BR just gives me the energy when I need it. When I'm at the gym I'm nice and relaxed while on BR and then I pick up the weights and boom: the energy is there. I feel like a lot of other supplements give me a "heady" rush of energy, where I'm all over the place and just jumping off the walls. Not with BR. It's almost not even energy, just an intense boost of strength and focus that allow me to take my work outs to a whole nother level. Thank you...I look forward to a potential post work out product a la cell tech or cell mass.

Body Rush

George Hovorka


I am 53 years old and have tried many supplements over the years. I find Force Factor to be the best of the bunch. No stomach issues, no jittery feelings, just a good product that really works to get me where I want to be. Thank you Force Factor.

Force Factor

Richard Faith


I gave myself Force Factor as a retirement gift when I turned 65. I am now in the best shape of my entire life, training for a hiking adventure in Nepal which I am confident I will be able to get in condition for. I was never in athletics in school. I have had back problems--including a paralysis hospitalization--and before this program would see chiropractor 2 or 3 times every month, more when I "made a mistake" of some kind. Now I see chiropractor once a year. This is core strength to overcome a birth defect. I am very pleased and hopeful about the future.

Force Factor

Ken Williamson


I'm haft way threw with my test sample of Force Factor. This stuff is amazing, My lifts have gone up across the boards and I still had energy to burn after a work out that would of left me drained a few weeks before. I've lost over 100lbs in the past 2 years. I wish I new of this product when I first started my train and diet. I'm now losing fat and putting on muscle much faster. My trainer has noticed the difference in me energy levels during training and has remarked about my lifts suddenly going up. Try Force Factor you wont regret it.

Jason Winston


I read the hype, checked out the reviews, and I have to say, I was scared that this product wasn't to live up to it's fame. After I had already purchased Force Factor, all I saw on the internet was negative view....I felt like I was going to receive a placebo. But NO, I'm here to tell you, this product does everything it says it do. I'm a Marine in the United States Marine Corps, currently depolyed to Afghanistan...and everyday Force Factor brings it's 'A' game to the gym. For all the negative people, you got to understand, YOU GOT TO BRING IT IN THE GAME!!!! You can't just take this supplement and expect to see strength gains and you're not doing your part... let be real, you're wasting your time and giving the product a bad rep, because you were tooo, and hear me again, tooo lazy to put out!!!!!! I bought the stack from GNC and if you want to see my results...check out my facebook and I'll add you so you can see the results for yourself. The pre-work out Body Run give you that initial pump you need, you actually feel on edge after taking it 30mins prior to your workout. When you hit the gym, you feel like you can acheive anything... just when I feel like I can't push the weight up any further on my last rep... out of no where, I'm able to push through and finish strong. I don't know about you, but if I wasn't taking this supplement I'd probably be fatigue after my first couple of sets. Then to top it off, you got Force Factors main product. So you're getting your NO2 in the morning and in the afternoon according to the supplement directions (1-2 pills). Last thing I'm going to touch on is the Ramp Up... this stuff...Yes Sir... it's putting the right touches on my abs!!!! ONCE AGAIN THOUGH, YOU GOT TO PUT IN THE WORK!!!! GO HARD AND FINISH HARD and this supplement will help you, Key Word, help you get to where you want to be. That's it.. don't want to beat a died horse, the product work!

Jonathan Sample


I just received my free sample of Force Factor... and it was awesome!! I just bought some heavier weights for my P90X workout, and Force Factor gave me the push to get through the whole thing with energy to spare!! I can't wait to get my sample of body rush!! THANKS FORCE FACTOR!!

Andres DeLaGarza


"Before I started taking Force Factor I was so out of shape. The notion of going to the gym to work out was an afterthought. I looked in the mirror and I saw something I did not like. I was weighing 225lbs and needed to do something about it. I saw the ad for the free sample of Force Factor and decided to take a chance, even though I was skeptical that it would work. After taking Force Factor&Ramp Up for over a year, my weight dropped to its current 185lbs. I have so much energy to get up at 4am each day to go and work out 5 times a week. I know how a purpose. And I owe it all to Force Factor. Force Factor changed my life!!"

William Taylor


"My name is William Taylor and I am 65 years young. On 5/2/11 I'll be 66. When I first called and very dubiously asked about the product I weighed 256 lbs. I had congestive heart failure and emphazyzema and needless to say in Extreamly bad shape. Since taking Force Factor products,exercising and following the support text I now weigh 185,do 1/2 hour of Cardio and exercise in the gym for 1 hour six days a week. I now have purpose in my life and am on no medication. Thanks for saving my life."

Jared Fetterolf


"I run many ultra marathons (any distance over 26.2 miles) and have completed (6) 50 milers, (6) 100 milers, (2) 100 kilometers, (2) 50 kilometers, (1) 118 miler, and ultimately (1) 150 miler running for 53 hours and 38 minutes straight in the hills of Pittsfield, VT (cutoff time was 56 hours) with 13 hours of snow and 26 hours of rain: Because I use Force Factor, I'm able to run the distances I can. I am determined to reach the finish line."

Force Factor

Anthony Morris


"I recently tried your product through the free sample. Subsequently I have made a purchase of this product. I am 46 and have always stayed in good shape. After taking Force Factor for 3 days I noticed my energy level not dropping off. I work 12+ hrs. per day in Iraq and go to the gym after work. My leg press increased by a ridiculous 300 lbs., my muscles are much harder and getting thicker now into week 4. Along with watching what I eat and timing my Force Factor intake, I am making terrific gains. I have only referred 1 other product before and yours tops the list. I am skeptical of many products but not this one.... it works, absolutely. I anticipate using the Force Factor product line to keep myself in top shape."

Force Factor

Howard Smith


"Omg!! I have been taking Force Factor for 2 weeks. I'm so amazed at what it has done for me. I'm someone who used to be in great shape but due to an injury and not being able to walk for over a year., I put on almost 100 pounds. The first day I took Force Factor (body rush) I was able to add 10 pounds and 3 reps to my bench press alone. I added 5 pounds to curls and focus was outstanding. Fast foreword 14 days later, I've lost almost 10 pounds and my body already looks a lot better. I'm stronger and arms and chest are bigger. I will continue to use the products forever. The force factor, body rush and ramp up are awesome to use together. I love it I love it! Thanks Force Factor!!!"

Body Rush

Thomas Mussen


"I'm training to join the Army. I need to cut 4% body fat. I received the free trial of Force Factor, and have been blown away. I am running harder and faster than ever before. I've gone from only being able to do 30 push-ups to now over 50. Force Factor is the real deal, and I will continue to use it, and recommend it to friends. Thank you team Force Factor very much."

Force Factor

Warren Parish


"I'm 63 years old and have severed COPD; I recently received your free samples of Force Factor and Body Rush. I have now been using Force Factor for 6 days and Body Rush for 2 days; I have been able to breath better and have increased my work out by 100 percent. I'm on a fixed income but I will do anything to continue the use of these 2 products. THANK YOU Force Factor."

Force Factor

Blake Hall


"I've been taking Force Factor for two weeks now and I have to say there is nothing like it. I feel so energized when I exercise and throughout the day. I have gained strength and endurance as well as bigger more defined muscles. This stuff works!!!"

Force Factor

Josh Everhart


"I would like to start out by saying that this really is a great product. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and the gym is a daily thing for most Marines out here. I wasn't much into the gym before, never had the energy or drive because it was tough to get results. So I started whey and creatine. I got bigger but nothing felt solid. When I came out here I heard of Force Factor through some searches and had the free samples sent out of Body Rush, Force Factor and Glutamine. Instantly upon taking I felt the energy, I wanted to go to the gym, and to be honest I had to. Once you take the supplement, it’s hard to be lazy, and sit still, but isn’t like down a Red bull. It is more of a natural peek of energy as described by the site. Hard to explain really but it just feels as if your recharging you internal "batteries" I hit the gym with several other Marines who are as of now much larger than I am, but they are taking the water-weight proteins. Yeah they have more visible muscles but I am putting up as much on the bench as they are and comparatively my Muscle is a whole lot more solid feeling and defined looking. So don’t think that because your not getting as big as fast is bad, you’re just making actual muscle instead of something that will wear off when you\'re done with the creatine. Pretty well rounded product and I would recommend it to anyone who asks!"

Force Factor


Terry Saltsman


"I took my first two pills this evening and it's 2/22/2011. After 30 minutes of taking them, I was jacked; I had to go to the gym. Great workout, I will post again, in a couple of weeks. I got a good feeling about this Force Factor."

Force Factor

Chris Polite


"Force Factor encourages my motivation to stay in the hunt for a healthier and in shape physique. After breaking and ripping ligaments in my ankle, I suffered from 2 cases of multiple blood clots in my lungs (which I had never had before) along with pneumonia and lost 2 different jobs due to them. I also gained a good 60lbs of weight because of me being on blood thinners and not really being able to lift or workout like I wanted to. I would worry because I would get headaches and think maybe blood clots were forming and were in my brain. I had to do something, so I looked in to what Force Factor had to offer I liked what I researched and have been taking it for going on close to a month. I have not had a headache since, more then likely due to the Delivery System of Force Factor...I go to the gym 4-5x a week and do total body workouts and the results are showing. I’m currently looking into getting the Force Factor Ramp Up and Combo the two!"

Force Factor

Ramp Up

Jeff Sutton


"I have tried my pre- workout drinks over the years. The taste, focus, and energy Body Rush gives me is insane!!"

Body Rush

Bill Kennedy


"I have recently started going back to the gym. I wanted something that was going to give me fast results to keep me motivated. I tried Force Factor through a free trial. I wasn't seeing the results at first but then started taking 4 pills prior to my workouts and have noticed fast muscle and strength gains. I am able to power through my workouts like crazy! The only thing was I was adding muscle faster than I was shedding fat. I am awaiting a free sample of Ramp Up and will add as a stack (thanks Force Factor). I will check back in to report how it works."

Force Factor

Tyler Sandell


"I have tried many products over the years and never found something as unique as Force Factor. When you take it, this product dose not give you jitters but provides a great energy during your workout and you'll feel it working even after you’re done working out. This is one of the greatest products I have ever used and love it every time I use it. Thank you for creating such a great product."

Force Factor

Brad Attaway

Boston, MA

"Nitric Oxide (NO2) and L-Arginine, along with protein and creatine, is an essential element of any good exercise supplement program. Force Factor's advanced formula represents the pinnacle of NO2 science. I fell badly out of shape when I retired from a decade of elite athletic competition: I gained more than 40 pounds of fat even as my strength and energy decreased--not to mention my relationship satisfaction. I lost confidence, my girlfriend was unhappy... I needed to make a change. I spent weeks working in the gym and on my bike with little result. Then my friend told me about Force Factor. I ordered their free sample and noticed a change in my workouts--small at first, but increasing quickly: I recovered faster between sets which let me put up more weight more times and increased my endurance, I recovered faster after long rides so I could function better in the rest of my life and get back on the bike sooner, I got immediate aesthetic and performance boosts as the blood pumped through my veins bringing oxygen and nutrients to fuel my muscles. It was incredible. In 8 weeks I had dropped 24 pounds and totally re-sculpted my physique. My girlfriend was amazed and at the beach her friends took notice as well. Force Factor NO2 made it possible. I continue to make gains and look forward to being in the best shape of my life!"

Force Factor

Phi Ong

"They say you don't know how good you have it, until it's gone. Nothing could be truer about my experience with Force Factor. After my initial month's supply ran out, I started to notice something the first time I couldn't take it anymore. First off, it was getting harder and harder to get a pump. While on Force Factor, as little as 2 sets got me a pump that felt amazing and helped me push myself harder. Off it however, I have pushed myself as hard as I can for sometimes a full workout and still haven't felt that amazing pump that I get with almost virtually no effort while on Force Factor. I started to reach plateaus; I started to get discouraged from the gym and a general weak disinterest.

Since then, I have gotten another supply and everything feels great. My second workout after being on Force Factor again and I shattered my plateaus. I have upped my weights every workout without fail, something I was only unable to do outside of Force Factor. I have not had any plateaus either. You really take something for granted until it's gone. Comparing my workouts with and without Force Factor, I can't picture going to the gym without it. It's an amazing product and something no one should ever go without."

Force Factor

Mark Bittelari

"Even on the first day of the trial I could feel an extra boost. This boost wasn't so much an energy boost like that of caffeine but a natural boost.

When doing cardio, I get tired real easily because my lung capacity is horrendous; it always has been. However, with Force Factor I notice that my ability to breathe while doing extensive cardio exercises became a lot easier. In fact, I was able to do 10-20 minutes longer than my normal regiment. It was great to feel the ability to go longer without feeling the jitters that other supplements come with. Mind you this was all occurring on the first couple days.

As weeks went by I started to notice significant differences to my muscle mass and tone. I started to see veins in my forearms that I have never seen before; and this was at the mall during a non-workout day. My biceps were no doubt at the peak of bulkiness that they have ever been. By seeing the results from Force Factor before my eyes at the gym, I was able to mentally and physically pump out more reps and at more weight. It became to be a very positive cycle.

I enjoy taking an abs class multiple times throughout the week. One of the best things I have noticed that with Force Factor, I am able to keep up with the pace of the instructor and become more precise in my movements. The ability to build muscle in the abdominal region is certainly the easiest area to work while taking Force Factor. Anyone who goes to the gym wishes for great abs -- mainly on a self-image basis. With Force Factor and this class I have seen extreme results in my abs and cannot wait for beach season to come around.

Overall, I am pushing more weight than I ever have, on or off supplements, and I have never felt better at the gym. There has not been one negative side effect from Force Factor, which is always my main concern when researching, and/or taking supplements. I would recommend Force Factor to anyone who even routinely goes to the gym. There is no excessive jitters/shakes when taking it. There is just straight up results. It is a great feeling when at the gym and the people you see routinely their notice differences and come up to you and say you look good. That alone proves that something different, something better, is going on; and it's all thanks to Force Factor. Now that the weather is getting warmer -- I cannot wait to continue using Force Factor -- and try the results out at bars or at the beach!"

Force Factor

Kailash Kaushik

"For the last 5 years I have been suffering a chronic condition with constant fatigue, no stamina, constant hunger and poor sleep and also gastrointestinal troubles. This became so critical, that I had to shut down my company since I could not work any more.

I have been diagnosed as chronic hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome etc. etc. and I have tried conventional medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and many different kinds of practitioners to try to resolve this debilitating health issue.

And then a couple of months ago, I saw an ad for Force Factor. It promised me more endurance and more stamina and even though it is promoted to active athletes trying to improve their strength training performance, I said to myself, ‘let me see if this will help me.’ After all there was no question; I needed more stamina!

Since it was only an amino acid supplement, my health practitioner gave me the okay to try it. I still remember the first day when I was exhausted since I woke up in the morning and was feeling lethargic and I had to go attend a class in the afternoon that I was dreading. On that first day, I took just one capsule before lunch and by 3 PM, I suddenly felt very awake and had no more attention on the tiredness and felt great in class.

I knew I have stumbled on to something. Since then I have been taking Force Factor regularly and after some trial and error, found that my body wanted exactly 6 capsules a day. I have now been taking Force Factor for 2 months now and find that my episodes of being exhausted were getting shorter and shorter and my sleep has been improving steadily but slowly.

I am very happy about the research that the Force Factor people have done and they sure found the deficiency in my body, which is finally coming around to health. I expect I might have to continue several more months and I am sure my body will tell me when I can reduce my dosage after the healing process.

Since they give you a free trial, I recommend Force Factor to anyone with any tiredness or low energy symptoms that seem to persist. You just can't lose and you might gain your life back!"

Force Factor

John Paul Miks

"I was out of shape and wanted to get back to exercising again and shedding unwanted pounds. I started running around a local pond that is 2 miles around once. I did a combination of running and walking because I couldn't run around the whole pond without walking and taking short breaks.

I found this ad online for Force Factor. So I decided that since it was a free 2 week trial, what have I got to lose? My first bottle arrived a week later and I took the first dose of Force Factor. I headed down to the pond and ran around the whole pond 2 times without stopping to walk or for a break to catch my breath.

I was in complete disbelief, and at that point I realized that Force Factor was the real deal and not some phony gimmick. Also, when strength training at the gym, I noticed bigger pumps and more strength to get me at the desired weight lifting abilities. I then decided to become a member of Force Factor.

Since may of 2009 when I started using Force Factor I have lost 20 pounds and am in the best shape I have ever been in."

Force Factor

Carlos Serrano

"I'm 52 years old, have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, have had two hip replacements, 6'2 and over 300 lbs.

I tried the promotional Force Factor for the first week, but my blood pressure went up. I canceled the offer to continue. But I noticed after I changed my blood pressure dosage and continued my Force Factor, my blood pressure went down, my blood sugar lowered big time, and all because I have more stamina, better concentration, but more importantly the desire to work out.

This product is helping me and will help you too!"

Force Factor

Andrew Jackson

"I just wanted to promote this product for a minute because it is by far the best out there. Force Factor helps me to break through the feeling of "I can't do anymore" into "okay maybe 5 more...not so bad I can do a couple more." I can feel the difference in my breathing. It feels as if I am taking in more O2 than usual.

I actually stack it with Jet Fuel but if you guys have a product comparable to it or better I would try it ASAN (As Soon As Now). FYI Jet Fuel keeps my mind focused and my workouts consistent. What can I say? I have a lazy brain when it comes to my physical health. If you guys have a product that will keep me focused, let me know.

I also use the pre work out thermo supplement you offer, it is great too. I've used Anadrox but it was a bit much in the jittery side effects. Your pre workout sup works just right.

I was wrong...this is not just another ad! It actually does work!

Thank you 10 times over!"

Force Factor

Christopher Bledsoe

"I am considered the pickiest man in the world! I have been looking for a product that will actually work. I jumped at the idea of Force Factor especially because it is a pill! We all know the protocol for mixing supplemental drinks! I called in sick today for work, I was really feeling bad. I mustered up the strength later on in the day after many hours of sleep to check the mailbox and my Force Factor was here!

I followed the instructions and took 2 tablets 30 min before lunch. I only took 2 tablets and I assure you! No exaggeration! My body in a matter of minutes starting feeling so energized from the inside out. To describe the feeling exactly, it was like someone had infused my body with oxygen. I felt strength from within my body that I have never felt before. It was also a refreshing feeling, my eyes even felt clearer and more acute I noticed that within 30 minutes the redness had left. (Usually I would use eye drops to clear the redness).

I have recovered from my cold in one day and I will be going to work tomorrow. I assure you that if this product didn't work I would be the first person to tell you. I have only taken 2 tablets and from my first experience I can't wait until morning to take my next two tablets."

Force Factor

Mastersarm, GNC.com Review

"I have tried nearly every product on the market to get the kind of mass that turns heads. I finally found the product. As a former amateur bodybuilder who nearly died from Leukemia, I have been trying to find something that would increase strength and endurance so that I could quickly get back on track.

After 40 days of working out with Force Factor, I have huge shoulders, huge arms and all the strength and endurance I need and want. Forty days ago, I looked like Mr. Potato head. With 4 inches added to my arms, and two inches to my chest, I bet anyone would think twice about calling me Mr. PH now.

I will update in another 40 days with an image."

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Source: www.GNC.com

Force Factor

Cristian Mendoza

"Yo siempre trate muchos productos muy costosos pero nada funsionaba cuando descubri Force Factor dije. Lo voy a tratar alfin es una muestra gratis no tengo nada que perder y lo ice. Solo puedo desir que si funsiona estoy muy satisfecho con el producto grasias Force Factor."

Force Factor

Christopher Davis

"I have only been taking Force Factor off and on for a few weeks, but I already see the difference.

I ordered the 14-day trial, and the first time I took it I noticed I did more weight and I had more energy doing cardio. After I ran out of the trial, I was off of F.F. for a week, and MAN, I saw the difference! I'm back on it and I don't ever see getting off of it again!

Even when I'm not doing more weight, I find it a lot easier to recover in-between sets, and it's a lot harder to hit my "wall". Sometimes you can get so tired after a few sets that you want to stop and go home, but not with Force Factor. Even after finishing my workout I STILL feel like I could spend an extra hour working out and still have enough energy.

It's also helped me have energy throughout the day. I have narcolepsy so when I don't get a lot of sleep the night before it would show up in my workouts and I'd struggle to complete my workouts. I'd do less weight, and would tire easily.

With Force Factor even when I don't get as much sleep, I still have enough energy to complete my workouts. Overall, I'd recommend the product to anybody and everybody who's willing to try it!"

Force Factor

K Woodward

"Ever since I was 15 I have been into fitness and overall health. When I was 19 I broke my shoulder and ever since then I had been at a constant 150 pounds. I also work as a Police Officer on the midnight shift so my schedule is always a little hectic.

I started to feel myself slip out of working out, making excuses due to my constant state of tiredness.

Then I was recommended Force Factor by a friend who had been taking it and seeing dramatic results. I was skeptical at first but decided to order a 14 day free trial, knowing I can send it back if I don't like it. Well I took it the first day and never looked back; I crushed my plateaus and had no more excuses. Six months later I am in better shape than I ever have been.

Force Factor gave me that pump I needed and the natural boost to push myself to the next level. I look forward to going to the gym now and even on the days I don't, I know I will still get a good workout!

Give Force Factor a try!"

Force Factor

Barry J

"Well, here's where I am at about 5 weeks in... and frankly, I think I should try and post this on the Force Factor front page here so more people can see it.

It has been a HUGE SUCCESS for me. It is a very compelling and solid supplement to take, and has provided HUGE BOOSTS of natural feeling energy--none of this jittery or "coffee nerves" type stuff. Taken appropriately, it has allowed me to gain MAXIMUM POTENTIAL with my lifting and has seemingly also helped with my RECOVERY after a strenuous workout. I think it is an EXCELLENT NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER (and suddenly you are seeing them EVERYWHERE!!)

Force Factor is here to stay and I am certain that the reports from across the country as more time goes by are going to be ROCK SOLID. I talked to some other bodybuilders at the gym and they are anxious to try it as well.

I'm rolling RAMP UP into the equation as well starting in the next few days!!!

Thanks Force Factor for being a really AWESOME addition to a bodybuilder's arsenal!"

All the best,
Barry J.

Force Factor

Ramp Up

Dr. Amy Hursh

"I wanted to let you know that I have been using the Force Factor products that you supplied me. Thank you for those once again. Allow me to give you guys some praise!

This is my 5th competition in the past 4 years. Every time I have trained and dieted for a show, I have lost strength and lean mass. Since I started dieting in January of this year, I have managed to maintain my weight, increase my strength, and not feel tired during my workouts. In fact, since January, I have lost 7% body fat and gained lean body mass! I have never done that before!

Taking the Force Factor has given me strength, endurance, and the ability to hold onto muscle while managing to lose fat! I know it HAS to be the Force Factor because I am doing nothing different this go round besides your products!

I take it on my days off as well when working 12-hour shifts at my job and it gives me energy all day long.

I truly love this product and know it is the one thing that has given me an edge this time around!"

Dr. Amy Hursh

Force Factor

Wayne Jackson

"Before I was taking Force Factor, I was taking the GNC brand with similar ingredients as well as creatine and "andro".

I'm currently taking Force Factor's Nitric Oxide Booster and Force Factor's Ramp up. I'm 38 years old and I'm playing full contact football and working out hard at the gym. These supplements make me feel like I'm in my 20's again. They make me feel reborn with a second chance.

A few years ago I was big and strong but I became out of shape and other supplements weren't helping. Now that I've been taking Force Factor for two months, my coach and players look at me and say, "WOW You are built and diesel, you been working out??!"

My only Question: "Where was Force Factor in 1992 when I needed it??"

Wayne Jackson

Force Factor

Ramp Up

John H

One day I was checking my email when an ad for Force Factor came up. When I finished looking through my emails I noticed another ad and decided to click on it. I signed up for the free trial and have been using Force Factor ever since.

I've tried many other products with little to no results. Force Factor gave me results in just two weeks. I felt stronger, my veins showed more, I felt tight muscles, I could work out longer and I had great focus. This stuff is great! I’ve used Force Factor and Ramp Up for the last 8 months, and with a good diet I’ve seen great results. I personally wouldn’t use anything else. I love it so much I just stocked up with a 3-month supply.


John H

Force Factor

SFC Alfred Weaver

I have to admit, with all the weight loss and muscle building scams out there I was totally skeptical at best when I thought of trying your product.

After looking at the ingredients composing your product - not only is it a good energy sustaining product - but if you have seen the research on l-Arginine itself, I am sure you know it has been hailed as the "roto-rooter" for the heart and arteries and the doctors that discovered this enzyme won the Nobel prize for medicine in 1998!

But, to get to the real reason I am writing, I have noticed an overall energy and motivational increase that surpasses any expectations I had of this product. I feel more energy when i run and have the ability to sustain an above average pace for a man of my age (55). But not to worry, I have been in the military for over 30 years and daily exercise is commonplace so I am not some couch potato who is trying to be an Arnold or Rock or Ventura, I am merely staying in shape and focused on my goals and job at hand, looking to keep in this shape until the day I die. I increased my 2-mile run time from 19:17 to less than 17:00 minutes and I hope to drop it at least one more minute, which is my goal. I am sure with this product and my diet plus exercise regimen I will accomplish it.

Look forward to a new, happy and convinced customer! I am telling everyone I know over here in Afghanistan to at least give your product a try! It works for me!

SFC A.G. (Skip) Weaver III USACE-AES

Force Factor

Micah Maxwell

I have been taking Force Factor for about two months now. I have been taking the two doses of 4 pills in the morning, 1/2 hour before I eat, and 4 and 1/2 hour before I lift.

It gives me the edge I need to push even further than normal. My curls suddenly went from 6 reps to 15 and my shrugs went from 20 to 40 to 60 within weeks. I get a quicker pump, and muscle failure feels like it never comes, therefore I’m building muscle fast. I have gained 7 lbs. of muscle since I have been on it. I wouldn't choose any other pre-workout supplement because Force Factor works.

Force Factor