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  • "It’s super convenient to be able to take a pill pre-workout. It has no strong scent or flavor, and goes down easily. The effects are perfect to help maintain blood flow and pump during a workout, and there are no jitters like with other brands. All in all, VolcaNO Extreme is a great product to help increase gains inside and outside the gym."
    - Evan J.
  • "I just took it for the first time. The pump is UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve taken everything from NO Xplode to Jacked 3D to C4, and just about everything else on the market. VolcaNO tops them all. The pump is really extraordinary, and there’s no caffeine, and no jitters. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ve gotta try VolcaNO."
    – Danny J.
  • "I’m not gonna lie. I have never felt this energy before – I can’t even describe how jacked up I am right now. It’s an hour and a half of shoulders in already this is getting out of control."
    – Brandon C.
  • "I have noticed that I am able to do more reps than ever before and I am lifting more weights than ever. There are no side effects, and no jitters. I’d recommend VolcaNO to anyone trying to get in more reps and lift more weight."
    – Evan O.
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