FORCE FACTOR. Available at GNC. 1-800-938-3621. 34-Day Trials Now Available. Experience Incredible Results with Alpha King Supreme: Premium drive & vitality, compelling muscle & strength, mind-nlowing sexual performance. Award-wining brand: Force Factor. Clinically studied key ingredients. Premium quality manufactured in a GMP certified facility. Money-back guarantee. Force Factor advertised on ESPN, FOX, TNT. STOP MAKING EXCUSES As we age, we begin to feel little slower, get a bit weaker, and maybe even put on a few pounds. Our strength, passion, and sex drive all shrink, our performance in the bedroom leaves a lot to be desired, and our mental and physical energy can become fuzzy.
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THE HARVARD CONNECTION. Alpha King Supreme comes from the Harvard-educated experts at Force Factor, the award-winning brand behind top-selling products at GNC, Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Walmart. Successfully competing academically, athletically, and even socially was critical in such a high-pressure environment. Having a supplement like Alpha King Supreme would have been a major advantage, so they knew upon graduation they wanted to develop formulas that could help men truly unleash their potential. Alpha King Supreme’s convenient once-daily dosage makes it easy to get the powerful kick men crave to lead more exciting, passionate lives.
 SUPREME INGREDIENTS THAT DELIVER RESULTS. The key ingredient in Alpha King Supreme is a potent extract called AlphaFen. This ingredient has been clinically shown to contain significantly more bioavailable sapogenins than the primary ingredient used in other testosterone boosters, particularly in the 500 milligram dosage contained in Alpha King Supreme. By working with the natural chemistry of your body, especially during the strength training that helps build lean muscle, sapogenins are able to help you produce more testosterone and likely help discourage the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. And since AlphaFen provides your body with more bioavailable sapogenins, you have the potential to preserve more testosterone. At the 500 milligram dose, AlphaFen has also been clinically shown to decrease estrogen levels and increase strength – two benefits every guy wants. And remember, the sexual health benefits of more testosterone speak for themselves. Just listen to the results from a study done on the constituent compound in Alpha King Supreme:
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 After 6 weeks men experienced a full erection upon wakening 5 times vs. only 2.5 times in the placebo group. Frequency of sexual intercourse in men increased from once a week to 2.5x a week in the active group vs. the placebo group which remained the same. Alpha King Supreme also contains other premium man-boosting ingredients in precisely measured ratios, a reality too often overlooked in other male vitality formulas. KSM-66: This proprietary ashwagandha root extract supports total testosterone levels, plus helps bolster strength, improve endurance, relieve everyday stress, and sharpen mental clarity.
L-Citrulline: This amino acid is the primary catalyst for nitric oxide production, acting as a vasodilator to enhance blood flow to your extremities. 1500 milligrams  of L-citrulline is included to help improve sexual performance, plus improve endurance in the gym. AstraGin: This specialized ginseng extract helps improve your body’s ability to absorb L-citrulline, better allowing it to permeate throughout your bloodstream and get to work quickly. To ensure quality and safety, every ingredient in Alpha King Supreme is individually tested for potency and authenticity, and the final formula is produced in a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility
3 STEPS TO BECOME THE IDEAL MAN. Step 1. Take 1 dose of Alpha King Supreme daily with breakfast. Step 2. AlphaFen starts working quickly, boosting testosterone and lowering estrogen. Step 3. Experience increased libido, more lean muscle and strength from workouts, and mind-blowing sexual appetite, performance, and stamina.
 SO, LET’S REVIEW YOUR OPTIONS... Sit back, do nothing, and let your age define your existence. Try other weak, ineffective, and potentially even harmful so-called “boosters” that will do little but empty your wallet. Try Alpha King Supreme, the ultimate testosterone booster from Force Factor, the trusted name in performance nutrition. The decision seems pretty simple.

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