FORCE FACTOR. Available at GNC. 1.855-486-4395. 15-day samples now available. LeanFire XT The scientific breakthrough that’s helping men & women melt stubborn body fat, boost energy and focus, and double their weight loss with a new and improved formula. Created by researchers trained at Harvard and Princeton, LeanFire XT uses the science of thermovigilance to seriously increase fat burning… while keeping your mind clear, relaxed, and focused. See if you qualify for a sample by clicking here.
1-855-486-439515-Day Samples Now Available
 GNC Rising Star award. Money-back guarantee. Key natural ingredients. Made in USA from domestic and foreign ingredients. New Brand of the Year award. A New Innovation in BURNING BODY FAT + a new ingredient to accelerate weight loss. Let's face it: yesterday's diet pills are not working for you. They either do nothing, or they overstimulate your body and make you feel jittery – with a major crash later on. And after trying so many of these products, you still have unwanted fat on your belly, your sides, your thighs... all over. Forget all those gimmicky (and sometimes dangerous) pills. It's time for a solution that not only works, but has the science to back it. Our Force Factor scientists – led by researchers trained at Harvard and Princeton – scoured hundreds of clinical trials to find the safest, most effective combination of ingredients for undeniable fat burning. They drew from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Neuroscience, Biological Psychology, and more... and formulated what they believe to be the best idea for melting fat yet: LeanFire XT. The first formula to coin the term "Thermovigilance". Here's the reality... research shows that maximizing your body-transformation workouts involves 3 things: burning the fat, increasing "clean" energy, and elevating focus. Think of it like a series of checks and balances; each part of the system helps improve the other two – and if one of these components is missing, the whole structure could fail. So why do so many fat burners miss the mark when it comes to delivering these benefits? Because it's hard work to find and properly dose ingredients that effectively accomplish all three tasks. Luckily, we did that work for you. With LeanFire XT, there's finally a way to safely burn body fat, increase energy, and experience crystal clarity – all with one easy formula. And that's what thermovigilance is: a specific balance of ingredients that work together to provide these 3 amazing benefits.
 Fat burning: Boost metabolism, increase thermogenesis, burn more calories. Increase energy: increase endurance and motivation. Improve focus: Heighten concentration and mental clarity, decrease jitters and nervousness. Biohacking your body to incinerate the fat. Nothing is more rewarding than achieving your ideal body shape. You're healthier, you're happier, and the confidence you feel is obvious to everyone around you. But getting to that point can be beyond frustrating with failure after failure... and too many people are tempted to give up. Don't quite. Not before you try LeanFire XT. IT's the "fat hack" we've all been waiting for – because it's going to attack your stubborn fat 3 ways: By accelerating your body's process of turning food into energy (boosting metabolism), By raising your body's temperature to trigger and accelerate the breakdown of fats; in other words by literally melting fat (boosting thermogenesis). By providing your body clear motivation and endurance to destroy fat (boosting energy). LeanFire XT now contains Verilean, an ultra-premium ingredient to help you double your weight loss. Since it works with your body to manage fat disposal, LeanFire XT is your secret to finally hitting those elusive BMI goals. But this premium formula doesn't stop there...
  The optimal balance of energy and focus. Remember, burning fat is only one-third of the power of thermovigilance. The other key elements are energy and focus - so you can burn fat without burning out. LeanFire XT provides you with "clean" energy from a safe and effective dose of caffeine. This energy boost is smooth and sustainable – with less of the nervousness and crash often associated with caffeine. How is this possible? Because LeanFire XT also contains a synergistic amount of L-theanine, an amino acid that works to counteract the unpleasant side-effects of caffeine. Whereas caffeine alone can create frantic spikes and drops in energy, LeanFire XT's proprietary blend of ingredients provides more level energy without the intense dips. You'll still get all of the great benefits of caffeine (stamina, endurance, focus, etc.) but with far fewer jitters and crashes. It's truly a game-changer in the science of focus and energy – and it's something you have to experience to believe.
   How LeanFire XT works: Start by taking 1 capsule of LeanFire XT 30-60 minutes before your first big meal of the day. Later in the day, take a second capsule 30-60 minted before you're next biggest meal. LeanFire XT enters your bloodstream. The synergistic ingredients immediacy get to work delivering enhanced focus, along with smooth energy and metabolic enhancement. The energy levels reach their peak, with L-theanine doing its job to help reduce jitters - so you can focus on the results. Fat burning potential is maximized thanks to the premium energy, fatty acid oxidation, and body heat increases delivered by LeanFire XT. The weight loss power of Verilean kicks in, and appetite is suppressed so you can achieve the ultimate body and confidence transformation.
    Fat inception weight loss blend contains Verilean – this intensely studied ingredient is clinically shown to help you double your weight loss, reduce BMI, and burn more fat relative to muscle as part of your transformation. In a clinical study, participants who took this key ingredient in LeanFire XT and maintained a low-calorie diet for 60 days lost an average of 10.95 pounds. The placebo group only lost an average of 5.4 pounds. Results from a 60-day randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of African green coffee bean extract (coffee canephora). Green Tea Leaf Extract - a powerful ingredient that sparks the biological processes that speed your metabolism. L-Carnitine - a powerful amino acid specifically chosen for its efficacy. Cayenne Pepper Extract – Naturally increases body heat and boosts thermogenesis. BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract – Helps the other ingredients absorb properly into your body to accelerate results. Metabolic mind matrix contains: Caffeine Anhydrous - Increases energy, bolsters concentration, and generates focus. L-Theanine – An amino acid that helps eliminate the peaks and valleys of LeanFire XT's energy boost. TeaCrine – a premium non-stimulant ingredient for additional energy and performance. Pure energy complex contains: Yohimbine HCl - Helps deliver clear, lasting energy. DMAE - Helps to sustain key metabolic processes that are crucial for your total body transformation. Real results from people like you. From Octavio M.: "I have tried lots of fat burners before, and honestly, I'm not a big fan of thermogenic. Most of them just make me jittery, increase my heart rate and worst of all, I get a big crash afterwards. Not the case with LeanFire XT... I feel great!! It gave me a good energy boost... no heart palpitations, no jitters, and no crash!! LeanFire XT rocks!" From Courtney S.: "LeanFire XT gives me the energy to get up and kick ass durning my workout. I'm known to hate working out in the morning, but when my new job made it impossible to work out in the evening, I had to step it up. I would never consider doing anything before my first cup of coffee, but after taking LeanFire XT, I am able to power through my workouts with absolutely no crash afterwards."
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