Force Factor Partners with Greenville Police Department


Police officers in Greenville, Mississippi face a long list of challenges: a murder rate that is four times the national average and property crimes twice the national average. Being an officer in Greenville is no easy task, it requires constant vigilance and on-the-ground policing. The officers are fighting a winning battle; the city's overall crime index has steadily decreased year by year. After hearing about the great work that these real life heroes do day in and day out, Force Factor just had to get involved.

What's most impressive about the Greenville police department is that they operate in less than ideal conditions. Not only are they in the line of fire, but officers also live in one of America's most obese cities. These negative environmental factors make it difficult to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. As the protectors of the people of Greenville, officers also seek to be role models. What better aid to a healthy, demanding lifestyle, than the full Force Factor regimen.

This month, Force Factor is sponsoring all members of the Greenville Police Department with a supply of Force Factor. In addition, a few officers are receiving a supply of the full line of life-enhancing Force Factor products: Force Factor Nitric Oxide Booster, Ramp Up Thermogenic Fat Burner, Whey Protein, Glutamine, Fish Oil, and Men's Multivitamin.

Don't worry, Force Factor won't just hit and run. We'll be following officers living the Force Factor lifestyle through blog posts and journal entries, so you can see just what a difference our product can make.