Force Factor Launches Next Generation Nitric Oxide Booster: Factor 2



CAMBRIDGE, March 7th, 2012 (PRWeb) - Force Factor, a leading manufacturer of quality sports nutrition products, is pleased to announce the release of Factor 2, the next generation of its original award-winning nitric oxide booster, Force Factor.

Factor 2 improves upon Force Factor's original pre-workout formula by replacing L-arginine with the more powerful L-citrulline, an ingredient proven to promote nitric oxide production in the body by raising L-arginine levels more effectively than L-arginine itself. L-citrulline is one of the safest and most-trusted ingredients on the market, used by athletes around the world to pack on muscle mass.

In addition to Factor 2's powerful amino acids, Vitamin C and calcium work in concert to further support nitric oxide production. Taken together, these ingredients make Factor 2 a safe and effective formula designed to boost muscle gain.

Factor 2 builds muscle even more effectively when stacked with the original Force Factor, and with Force Factor's new creatine-based pre-workout formula BRX. Factor 2 is both an improvement on and a supplement to the existing product line. Arjun Naskar, Director of Force Factor, states, "We are continually seeking to improve upon existing products as well as to diversify our product offering."

Force Factor will offer a free 60-capsule trial of Factor 2. Users should take 2-4 capsules twice per day. Factor 2 can also be purchased online, sold in 120ct. monthly packs. Factor 2 will soon be available for purchase in GNC stores.

About Force Factor

Founded in 2009 by former Harvard University rowers, Force Factor is a young brand in the sports nutrition space that has established itself quickly as a leader in the industry. In 2011, Force Factor was awarded "Best New Brand" by, and has been recognized for delivering the best in sports nutrition with premium ingredients and expertly formulated products. Trusted by thousands of professional athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts, Force Factor is dedicated to helping all customers achieve success and unleash their potential.

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