Force Factor Releases New Statistics on Olympic Body Types



Force Factor, a leading manufacturer of quality sports nutrition products, has compiled surprising new statistics on the body types of some of the fittest people on the planet: US Olympic athletes. Research into the height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI) of hundreds of athletes shows that Olympic bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and some are not quite what you would expect.

Of the athletes surveyed, BMI ranged from 18.1 to 51.7. Drastic differences like this can be attributed to the highly specialized training that is required to excel in vastly different sports. Force Factor found the average the height, weight, and BMI for athletes in each sport, so you can get an idea of what the optimum body for a particular event might look like. A close look at the results might just change your conception of what an Olympic body looks like!

You can find the infographic, entitled “What Makes an Olympic Body”, here: /olympics-2012

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