2011 Sponsored Athlete Team Announced


Force Factor is excited to announce the winners of its 2011 Sponsorship contest. Out of hundreds of qualified applicants, just 15 were selected to join BJ Penn, Vernon Davis, and Heather Mitts as Force Factor sponsored athletes this year. Winners on our 2011 team are:

  1. Gregory Allen
  2. Vincent Pagazza
  3. Brian Keimer
  4. Brent Fjerstad
  5. Henri Bax
  6. Allen "A.D." Asberry
  7. Kevin Wright
  8. Travis Clennon
  9. Garrett Griffi
  10. Ian Smith
  11. Kevin M. Williams
  12. Tyler Sandell
  13. Aaron Halydier
  14. Xavier Jackson
  15. Jonathon Pasquale

Winners will be tracking their progress over the coming year and providing feedback on current and new Force Factor supplements. You can find progress photos, product reviews, and monthly updates from the team all year long on Force Factor's Facebook page at

Force Factor would like to thank everyone who applied for the 2011 team. The applicant pool was very strong. The dedication, ambition, and progress described in nearly every entry was truly impressive and the team is excited to see the progress of our sponsored athletes over the course of a great 2011.