Alpha King Immortal, 180 Capsule Bottle, Testosterone Booster
Alpha King Immortal, 180 Capsule Bottle, Testosterone Booster Alpha King Immortal, 180 Capsule Bottle, Total masculine hormone support, more strength & force, premium libido & performance. Key Ingredients for Alpha King Immortal include: KSM-66 ashwagandha, AstraGin, Nitrosigine, AlphaFen, AlphaSize, BioPerine, PrimaVie, Spectra Alpha King Immortal, 180 Capsule Bottle, Size Chart

Testosterone Boosters

Alpha King Immortal


RISE ABOVE Optimal levels of three hormones are key to maximizing masculinity: testosterone, estrogen, and HGH. You want more testosterone and HGH, and less estrogen. Unlike virtually every other male vitality supplement out there, Alpha King Immortal® targets all three.

But becoming the ultimate man is about more than just balanced hormones; it’s about strength, performance, and sexual supremacy. This is the ultimate formula for every man looking to live life to its fullest – men who crave immortality and refuse to be forgotten.

Are you ready to rise above?


Platinum Ingredients to Help You Unleash Your Potential®

AlphaFen® 500mg of this potent fenugreek seed extract with high levels of bioavailable sapogenins has been clinically shown to not only boost total testosterone, but also help lower estrogen.

AlphaSize® At the precise dosage included in Alpha King Immortal, AlphaSize has been scientifically shown to help trigger a significant increase in HGH when taken before strength training.

KSM-66® Not only does this premium ashwagandha extract help reduce stress and fatigue, enhance mental clarity, and improve performance, it also helps support healthy testosterone levels.

PrimaVie® This purified shilajit complex contains dozens of constituent compounds that have been used for more than 5,000 years to support male sexual health, boost energy, and improve endurance.

Nitrosigine® This fast-acting nitric oxide booster not only works to increase blood flow and improve sexual performance, but it also has been shown to help deliver a decisive cognitive lift, as well.

Spectra With 31 individual extracts and concentrates, Spectra is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and helps keep your cells healthy. It also helps increase arterial nitric oxide levels.

AstraGin® This unique compound helps support the absorption and bioavailability of several key nutrients, including arginine. This helps the formula work more quickly and reliably, time after time.

BioPerine® Another effective ingredient to help improve bioavailability, BioPerine specifically works in conjunction with Lalmin® Se1000, OptiZinc, and KSM-66 to optimize absorption in the body.

Supplement Facts

Take 6 capsules daily with a meal.

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