• Increase Strength & Endurance
  • Prevent Muscle Degradation
  • Annihilate Your Workouts

Who doesn’t? Yet how many guys bust their ass in the gym and never see the size and strength they deserve? It’s discouraging. But now there’s Cannabol™, and it’s changing everything.

Cannabol is the new intra-workout breakthrough from Force Factor® that’s specifically designed to deliver unprecedented strength and muscle growth — results you can see, not just dream about. When taken during workouts, Cannabol can significantly improve muscle anabolism, prevent catabolism, and short-cut recovery for serious gains. Simply put, you recover faster, train harder, and get bigger.

Cannabol’s key ingredients have been clinically shown to increase strength in both compound and isolation exercises, boosting total overall strength and enhancing cell volumization during training.

The Importance ofmuscle cell size AND ANABOLIC activity
Intra-workout supplementation with Cannabol™ is crucial to building extreme size and strength. Here’s why:

Cannabol limits muscle degradation — that means you’re maintaining your strength longer for more reps. When the other guys have to stop, you don’t.

Cannabol’s cell hydration formula increases volume and discourages muscle breakdown, so you’re building muscle and keeping it.

Cannabol contains a hefty dose of L-Ornithine to eliminate strength-diminishing waste products for faster recovery and incredible endurance.

So what do you get when you limit muscle breakdown, encourage growth, preserve strength, and speed recovery? You get to be a legend.

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