Prime Time, 90 Capsule Bottle
Prime Time, 90 Capsule Bottle Prime Time, 90 Capsule Bottle, Complete healthy aging biomatrix, support for more than 6 bodily systems, enduring vitality & wellbeing. Key Ingredients for Prime Time include: NAD3, BioCell Collagen, Lutemax 2020, Wellmune WGP, LactoSpore, Spectra Prime Time, 90 Capsule Bottle, Size Chart

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Prime Time


SPEND MORE TIME IN YOUR PRIME Aging is inescapable, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Prime Time® harnesses 21st-century science to address the fundamental biology of aging, and works to keep critical bodily systems running error-free.

The NAD+ molecule is indispensable to cellular health, which is why its decline over time causes physical and mental senescence. Optimizing the downstream performance of NAD to help cells act properly can thus help you stay healthier as you age.

Additional ingredients to help ensure your immune, digestive, cognitive, integumentary, musculoskeletal, and ocular systems are all running at peak efficiency is what aging well and spending more time in your prime are all about.


Platinum Ingredients to Help You Unleash Your Potential®

NAD3™ This next-generation ingredient complex targets human cells – the building blocks of life – helping to slow the proverbial aging clock by supporting NAD levels and activating sirtuins, the conductors of cellular function.

BioCell Collagen® This highly bioavailable, clinically tested ingredient synergy works to promote joint, skin, and connective tissue health.

Wellmune WGP® Extracted directly from the cell walls of a potent baker’s yeast and then purified, Wellmune WGP helps support a strong and healthy immune system.

LactoSpore® This premium probiotic strain is highly resistant to the harsh pH imbalance of your stomach, helping to ensure better digestive support and a healthier gut.

Spectra™ Consisting of 31 individual extracts and concentrates, this holistic antioxidant ingredient matrix is a powerful enemy of free radicals, helping your cells age more healthfully while mitigating a potentially harmful TNFα-induced inflammatory response.

Lutemax 2020® Supplementing three isomers critical to ocular health, this compound helps support strong vision – specifically working to filter high energy blue light.

Supplement Facts

Take 3 capsules daily with a meal.

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