The Pros: Greenville Police

Biography: Greenville Police

The Greenville, Mississippi police department isn't just a Team Force Factor member, they're a team of their own. These everyday heroes dedicate their lives to protecting and serving others in one of the toughest cities around. Through constant vigilance, personal strength, and a winning team attitude, these officers have significantly lowered the violent crime rate during the last decade, where it was previously significantly above the national average.

A lot of being on Team Force Factor is about being a strong role model for others. What better example of this than the members of the Greenville Police Department. These members of Team Force Factor are a model of fitness on their own. But Force Factor is more than just your average lifestyle. We have provided the full police department with a supply of Force Factor Nitric Oxide Booster and are following it up with a full package of all our products for a select few.

Check back here often to see daily blogging by officers explaining how they are living the Force Factor lifestyle. You'll get to see firsthand accounts of how Force Factor has impacted their daily lives and workouts. You'll also get insight into the great job that these men and women do every day that qualifies them to be members of Team Force Factor.