LeanFire Ultimate

LeanFire Ultimate

LeanFire Ultimate

  • Harness Powerful Thermogenesis
  • Experience Premium Focus and Concentration
  • Achieve Impressive Definition

Your goals aren't conventional. Your workouts aren't ordinary. You demand supreme performance from your thermogenic, and that's what LeanFire Ultimate delivers:

  • Ultimate fat burning for impressive definition.
  • Ultimate focus and concentration for dialed-in training.
  • And an ultimate ingredient to help double your weight loss.*

Force Factor's formulators spared no expense in creating our most premium thermogenic yet. LeanFire Ultimate is rooted in the core principles that have vaulted the LeanFire line of performance thermogenics to the forefront: precise cognitive energy without caffeine jitters, advanced body heat escalation to literally melt fat, and Verilean™ to help ensure you burn more fat relative to muscle as part of your transformation.

But LeanFire Ultimate doesn't stop there; it rises above. We scrapped cliché ingredient combinations that hold other fat burners back, in an effort to engineer a truly exceptional thermogenic that doesn't just live up to its promises, but goes well beyond.

Until you try LeanFire Ultimate, you simply have no idea what your workouts have been missing. If you're prepared to fully Unleash Your Potential®, LeanFire Ultimate is for you.

*Results from a 60-day randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of African green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora).

LeanFire Supplement Facts

In addition to helping you burn more fat relative to muscle to maximize tone and definition, Verilean, the potent key ingredient in LeanFire Ultimate, helps you more than double your weight loss. In a clinical study, participants who took Verilean and maintained a low-calorie diet for 60 days lost an average of 10.95 lbs. The placebo group only lost an average of 5.4 lbs.

Two immensely powerful blends drive LeanFire Ultimate’s extraordinary results. Dozens of variations of the formula were meticulously tested before arriving at the ultimate profile.

Thermovigilance™ is a new concept championed by the full line of LeanFire supplements, and is present in LeanFire Ultimate in its purest form. One of the worst aspects of an extreme thermogenic is the stimulant-fueled crash it produces. The scientific symbiosis of precisely dosed caffeine anhydrous and L-theanine we call thermovigilance all but eliminates this dreaded and unpleasant side effect, delivering quick, smooth energy with far fewer jitters.

Also in the Thermovigilance 2x Weight Loss Blend is Verilean™, a premium green coffee bean extract that has been clinically shown to help you burn more fat relative to muscle, and help double your weight loss as part of your transformation. Rounding out the blend are Capsimax® to increase thermogenesis, and BioPerine® to optimize ingredient absorption.

LeanFire Ultimate’s Adaptogenic Cognitive Enhancement System combines rhodiola, Cocoabuterol®, and rauwolscine to provide mental energy, focus, and clarity that will help you zone in quickly for maximally productive workouts. TeaCrine® supplies a controlled, stimulant-free lift in cognitive and physical energy to help take your performance to the next level.

Overall, LeanFire Ultimate will help you achieve better results faster, guaranteed.